In a paper maze of ever-increasing speed, effectiveness, and results, results, results, today we all work and play harder and harder to get the most out of life. Be all you can be! 100% of the time, no compromises.

And yet in the frenetic rush for results we often forget how much of a difference a simple photo can make. The more we learn, the faster our memories fade. And this is no less than tragic.

Maybe one day we’ll discover that those who walked around with cameras and incessantly insisted on taking pictures were the smart ones all along. Memories slip away imperceptibly. We tend not to notice how piercingly beautiful moments, day, and weeks fade, and the poignant truth is that we may not ever come to remember the most precious day we had. How could it be that before we know it parts of our precious lives are just…gone?

What’s in a scrapbook?

The good news is that a simple and yet massively underrated scrapbook will keep your fond memories alive forever. Even one photo can bring years of life back and send feelings surging to you that could probably be more important than anything else.

Fusions Craft specialises in a special kind of magic that allows you to carry memories of your loved ones, happy days, and proofs that you’ve really gone and done that with you through the years. We help you immortalise the beautiful poetry that is us using scrapbooking supplies such as scissors, glue, glitter, stickers, scrapbook paper, and so on. Write yourself into history here.