About Us

Fusions Craft is a shop that specialises in everything you could possibly need to make your perfect creative works.

This London-based business started off as a hobby that quickly overflowed its limits and flourished into a successful business. How? At the heart of our vision lies unbreakable faith in the magic of art. Unlike many businesses today, we don’t concentrate on extracting revenue from our customers. Rather, we aim to make the world a better place through the power of creating beautiful memories together. 

At Fusions Craft, we see ourselves as guardians of the most precious things humans ultimately have: dreams and memories. We sell stencils, moulds, flowers, embellishments, stamps, sprays, and much, much more so you can build works of art  from the ground up that will turn out so intensely delightful and inspiring that those who read them in the times to come will instantly fall in love.

We supply all tools that can possibly spring to mind so you can create breathtaking scrapbooks, custom-made notes with patterns, attachments, beads, and paint to go with them, decorate boxes to create wrapping more appealing than the gift itself, and so much more! 

  • Put burning hearts, laced stockings, cherries, and burgundy red sundowns on your love letters.
  • Amid your texts, paint pictures of snow-laden forests and village house windows glowing with amber, or voluptuous sun-streaked tropical jungles. What’s a way to get your message across!
  • Create your own treasure maps with moulds, embellishments, and sprays.
  • So much more.

Find tutorials, blogs, and all the possible goods to inspire you here, or get in touch with us and let us prove you won’t find anyone better!